About the boathouse

My name is John and I like bicycles. That's why I made a website about it. I also like boats, that is why I got my own kayak. Although I keep the kayak in my bikeshed it makes little sense to have information about boats on a website about bicycles, that is why I decided to make a virtual boathouse where I put all boating related information, seperate from the bikeshed.

The boathouse is a continuous work in progress with content being added and updated at irregular intervals.

Product reviews are only based on my own experiences. Reviewed products are bought with my own money, I do not receive any discounts, samples or other incentives for reviewing them.

Some articles contain links to Amazon product pages of relevant products. The links contain an affiliate code that will give me a percentage of the money of a product is purchased after clicking on the link. This money is used to help pay for the hosting of this website. There are no advertisements or trackers that will forward information regarding your browsing behavior on this website to third parties. The only exceptions are pages that contain embedded videos which are hosted on Vimeo.com.


Should you have any feedback, corrections or questions you can email me at johnhoogstrate@bikeshed.nl.